keyboard shortcuts

Are there keyboard shortcuts for:

“Show last document viewed”
“Show next document viewed”
“Set selected text as title”?


If there is one in effect, it will show up next to the menu item. Look at the File->Save menu item, for instance, which has a symbol for the CMD key and then an S. If those menu items don’t have any symbols next to them, they don’t have a shortcut.

You can create your own with any mac os X application, however, by following these instructions: … _shortcuts

One caveat: the menu item has to be unique, and if it changes (some toggle if you show or hide a part of the interface, for instance), I think you have to program in both versions of the menu item for it to work. To check for uniqueness, use the Help menu’s search box, and type in the menu item you want to create a shortcut for. It will show matching menu results that you can arrow down to, revealing where in the menu structure those items are.

Next and previous document are cmd-[ and cmd-] - as Robert says, you can check out keyboard shortcuts in the menus (these shortcuts are found next to the items for View > Editor > Forward in Document History and Backward in Document History). The shortcut for Set Selected Text as Title is opt-shift-cmd-T. As Robert says, you can set your own keyboard shortcuts too. A slightly updated version of the knowledge base article for this can be found here: … er-for-mac

(We’re slowly moving the knowledge base over from the wiki to this new area, but there is no direct link to a list of KB articles just yet as we are still working on it.)

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great - many thanks to you both