keyboard shortcuts

I was looking for some useful keyboard shortcuts while editing a document.
I discovered just by trials and errors, the following ones, but I couldn’t find them mentioned in the guide or online.
OPT+UP/DOWN ARROW = Up/Down a paragraph
OPT+Page UP/Page Down = Up/Down page without the annoying scroll effect
I must say I find them very useful and help me a lot while reading and editing.

While these shortcuts do no work for me.
CTRL+OPT+COMMAND+Arrows = should be scroll text
CTRL+COMMAND+Arrows = should move in the four directions

If you can find the command in the menu (the search box under Help is handy if you know one or more words in the menu item), you should also see the currently assigned keyboard shortcut. In addition, if the menu item is grey, that means that you are not in the right place to invoke that command. For instance, if you have just clicked on a document in the binder, you can’t invoke “Split at selection”, since your “focus” has to be in an editor, not the binder.

I hope that helps you figure out what’s going on with your shortcuts. :slight_smile:

Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-Arrow scrolls in the other editor–that is, you need to have split the editor in order for this command to work; it will then scroll the text in the non-active editor (the one with the gray header bar; the active split will have a blue header). The purpose is to allow you to quickly scroll your support document without needing to change the focus while you’re typing away in the main editor. Since the regular page up/page down keys work for the active editor, there’s not a separate shortcut for that.

Scrivener uses the Apple text system, like TextEdit, so all the standard Mac text editing shortcuts that work there work for Scrivener, too–page up/down (with or without the Opt key), Cmd-Right/Left to jump to the beginning or end of a line, Opt-Right/Left to jump to the beginning or ending of a word, etc.

Ctrl-Cmd-Arrows are to move documents in the binder or outiliner (or corkboard, although that only presents on level vs. the binder and outliner which show hierarchy); they aren’t available when your focus is in the text editor.

Those are standard Mac keyboard shortcut, I’ve never realized it!