Keyboard Shortcuts

There is a way to set personal keyboard shortcuts?
For example:
Press ALT+e = insert “ê” character
Thank you.

The keyboard shortcuts can be edited (or deleted) in Tools > Options > Keyboard; but I can’t see any way to add new ones of your own. But there’s another option. In Tools > Options > Corrections, click Enable additional substitutions, then Edit substitutions. This brings up a dialog with already existing strings and replacements, e.g., (e) to produce €.

Here’s what I tried: click the + button, which opens a dialog to add a substitution. In the Replace field, type e^; then click the … button, which brings up the Windows Character Map; find ê and copy it (to the clipboard); back in the Scrivener dialog, paste into the With field. Click OK; click OK again in the Substitutions dialog; click OK or Apply in the Options dialog; et voilà! In Scrivener you can now type e^ and it will automatically be replaced with ê (I did the same with a\ to produce à).

I never tried this feature before, but it seems to work well, if you don’t mind doing a 2-keystroke sequence rather than an Alt- sequence. Of course, you can use any sequence you want, e.g., ^e, e>, etc. And it can always be turned on or off in Tools > Options > Corrections.

Thank you so much!
This works very well, and now I can insert my characters without ALT (a system key).
I set “ee” for “ê” and now I’m happy.
Thank you.

Glad you’re happy … kêp Scrivening! :laughing:

Mr X