Keyboard Shortcuts

Long time user, first time posting.

Is there any way for a PC user to add to Keyboard Shortcuts? I would like to be able to open without having to go out of Scrivener, open Chrome, open tab, click on the link.

I see there’s a way to import shortcuts, but not how to create them!



Assuming we’re in Tools > Options > Keyboard, what you can import and export, I think, are entire sets of shortcuts, not individual ones. And within that dialog, as you’ve found, you can only edit shortcuts to a specified set of existing Scrivener commands, and commands to open links to external sites are not in that set.

I assume you’ve found that by right-clicking on a word and selecting Writing Tools you can look up the word in; and that you want to make it go to–which (I see by checking it out now for the first time) is quite a different experience. At any rate, in this version of Scrivener it’s not possible. Maybe in v. 3?

Also, though not a shortcut, you can put file links in a lot of places. So a bunch of bookmarks or html links could be put in project notes, or research

Hello Bsadlerjr,
Not sure about visualthesaurus but I use mobysaurus from within Scrivener. I just drag its startup icon into the research in binder in my projects. Once clicked on it brings up a link which starts program, all within scrivener.

Yep, the floating Project Notes window is an excellent place to drag this link, because it sticks around without regard to your Binder scroll or your Inspector view. And because you can shorten, reduce and wrap your primary links, and move the window partly beyond the screen edge to further minimize the hit on work space.

Rgds - Jerome