Keyboard Switching between editors

I suspect there is one, but I can’t find a keyboard shortcut to switch between the two editors. What am I missing?

It is based on direction. There are four keys, J/I/K/L which, if you look at them on a standard Qwerty keyboard, form a bit of a compass. Now add Cmd-Opt-Shift to each, and you can move between various components of Scrivener’s interface. If you have a vertical split, and are currently in the right one, Cmd-Opt-Shift-J will move to the left split. Pressing it again will move you into the Binder (if it is visible). When you have horizontal splits, I/K for Up/Down are what you want. You can get into the Inspector, too, and they wrap. If you keep going left, you’ll come around on the right-most side.

Ah, thanks. I swear I tried that. :blush: