Keyboard text replacement doesn't work in Inspector

In System preferences I can specify a shortcut such as “rama” that expands to “Ramamanujan”. This works in the Scrivener Editor, but not in Notes, Custom meta-data … maybe not ANYWHERE in the Inspector.

What’s going on?

Weird. Can’t reproduce this completely. The same substitution works for me on the editor, notes, synopsis, comments/footnotes, even on keywords. All of them except on custom meta data fields.

(Just in case, remember you have to type a space, punctuation or otherwise shortcut-termination character for the replacement to be activated.)

Right you are, I think. I had accidentally deleted that particular rule, just before I was testing other aspects of the inspector. So it’s only Custom Metadata affected. Still wondering why.

Thanks! That does look like an oversight from the user side of things. I checked against a few other simple plain-text fields, such as the description field on a Reference, and even when typing in a keyword, and you’ll get suggestions. So yeah, it does seem to be something specific to those fields, perhaps a missing flag in the UI code.

Update: I thought to check the Outliner, which allows you to add custom fields as columns, and edit the content right in the outliner. Turns out text substitutions work fine there, so that may be a work-around for you until this gets fixed.

Thanks for looking into it. I won’t have to enter Ramamanujan in custom metadata fields all that often, but it is annoying and peculiar.

And oh by the way, substitutions don’t work in THIS window, either. That’s even MORE peculiar, is it not? I really thought those were OS level substitutions, but somehow you have windows that circumvent them.

Which window are you referring to?

I’m referring to the window in which I’m THIS INSTANT typing – creating a reply in the forum. Substitutions don’t work here. rama is just rama.

That’s a fault with your web browser surely.


Right, some programs may use Substitutions, others may not—browsers in particular would be a special case. Even with Safari, I don’t believe the form elements you type into within a web page are full Mac style text fields.