Hello all,

I’ve just purchased a macbook pro and am looking for a good keyboard to go along with it. I have a $200 budget, and am quite willing to spend quite a bit less. (I would prefer a keyboard that has the fn, control, option, and command keys in the same place as they are on my laptop’s keyboard.)



We’ve had at least one huge keyboard thread with everyone offering their favorites.

Here it is.

As for your requirements, though, the only keyboard I know of that puts all of those keys in the same place as on the MBP is the Apple wireless keyboard, which is almost exactly the same as the MBP keyboard, so what’s the point?

If you’re willing to give up the Fn key, that opens up many possibilities, including my personal favorite, which I’m sure I mentioned on the other thread.


Sorry for missing the other thread. Thanks for the link.

Have a good one,