Keynote/Powerpoint output workflow

I’m hopeful that there’s already a good way to do this, but if not, consider it a feature request:

When creating slide presentations (which I generally output as video or present in webinar format)
I like to write my “script” first, and then break up the text into the individual slides I’ll eventually present.

What I’m looking for is a way to simplify the slide creation process by exporting the headings, subheadings, etc., as on-slide content, while the body-text (or notes, I suppose) are placed in the “presenter notes”.

Currently, the way I do this is to have my VA take Scrivener output and use Headings as her cue to create slides, with the body text manually installed into the presenter notes.

But this seems something computers are well-suited to do automatically.

Any thoughts?

I’ve tried creating my own style types for Slide Title, Slide Heading, Slide Bullets, etc., and Presenter Notes… But it’s difficult to compile into a useful format… And the import into presentation software is still a manual process.

Thanks in advance!

as a point of clarification, it’s only the headings I include ON the slide… The balance of my script is in the presenter notes…