Keystroke navigation: Editor; Import/Split

  • Ctrl+Shift+Space is a nice navigation aid for the editor, but the key-combo not only returns me to the insertion point (cursor), it also actually inserts a space there.

Re Import/Split:

  • I can get into the split-text delimiter box via keystroke, but apparently cannot leave it that way.
    (It would be nice were the dialogue box to remember the split marker(s) from one Scrivener session to the next.)

Pressing Esc or Alt + F4 does not exit the dialogue box?

Thanks for keeping me ‘honest’ tiho_d :wink:
[Containing a minor update edit to my second post here, re ‘ought’]

Yes, Esc/Alt+F4 will get me out of the “Import And Split” dialogue/popup (even from within its split delimiter box). However, leaving the dialogue by either of these keystrokes is not equivalent to ‘OK’: Neither executes the importation & splitting of the external file (which neither ‘ought’).

What I meant by “split-text delimiter box” was the area of the dialogue headed by “Sections are separated by:”. I’ve not found a way via keystroke to leave that box and move onto ‘OK’ in order to execute the importation. Or to execute ‘OK’ from within the box.
(This would be much less an issue were the dialogue to remember the delimiter I specified the Scrivener session from ‘yesterday’.)