Keystroke to float quick reference panels conflicts with system command to show macOS lock screen

Searched for this but couldn’t find it.

The keyboard shortcut that’s baked-in to Scrivener 3.0: Window > Float Quick Reference Panels conflicts with the new system keystroke in macOS 10.13.2 (“High Sierra”) to go to the Mac lockscreen.

I know that the former can be modified in System Preferences, but I thought a heads-up may be in order.

Thanks, I’ve fixed this for 3.0.1.
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I just ran into the same problem. Having 3.0.1 (966) installed, it’s still ⌃⌘Q. I upgraded from 3.0. Does Scrivener keep that keyboard shortcut even it’s the default setting (not altered by me)? What’s the new “official” key combo? If I’ve to change it manually I want to get it right.

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The new shortcut is cmd-opt-ctl-q (and it shows this in the menu): it’s working fine for me. Cmd-ctl-q triggers log out as expected so there is no longer any conflict between the two.

Thanks, brookter! I found the problem by accident when I switched Scrivener’s language for a nice screenshot from my system default (German) to English. And what do you know, there it is, and working just fine. Changing back the language brings back the wrong shortcut. And it won’t work, too.

Are the keyboard shortcuts different for different languages? :question:

Ah… That’s odd! I’ve just tried to change the language to see what I found, but I’d forgotten that I’d stripped out all the localisation information from my Mac so I couldn’t… Perhaps somebody else can test it for you.

In any case, you’ll be better off reporting it on They’re on their Christmas break at the moment, but will deal with it when they get back.


Oops! Sorry, it seems I forgot to re-run the translation scripts for 3.0.1, which means it didn’t get updated for other languages. I’ll fix this for 3.0.2.