Keyword Auto-Populate

Hi all! I’ve been using Scrivener for about a year, and loving it. But as I restructure my novel, there’s one feature that would make my life much easier. Hopefully other writers too!

I would the ability to set a document’s keywords to be “the keywords of all the documents within.” For example, you put three scenes in a folder, check this tickybox on the folder, and it will automatically have all the keywords that appear in any of those three scenes. (Presumably this would replace manual keyword-selection for the document.)

Super bonus points would be the ability to do a keyword search that distinguishes between manually-filled keywords and these auto-populated keywords (for those time when you only want to search among chapters or only among scenes), but that might add a lot of complication.


So one thing about Scrivener is that when you search for something that is a container to other things (like a folder), you also get those other things in the search result, since the container is added to the search result list as a container, and the editor does not change to become something incapable of expressing containers as a collected view of items. Thus, all child items of an item in the binder are easily accessible as an implied search result.

By default, the folder is opened as a text file from search results—this makes sense from the standpoint of there potentially being text content written into the folder that matched in the search. But we can easily override that behaviour at will just like we would do so in any other circumstance: select a group view mode such as Corkboard: and voilà, there are the child items.

This behaviour can be disabled by unchecking the Show folder text when selected from search results option, in the Navigation preference pane. Now, when you click on a folder you’ll get you preferred group view, instantly making all child items available.

Keeping containers functionally identical to containers in a search result means we don’t need complicated hierarchical inheritance as well as the necessary means to distinguish between native and inherited qualities (or where the qualities were inherited from)—we get almost all of the same effects and data accessible in a categorised form (clustered by parent container) within the sidebar.