Keyword Basics

Hello to those who may know:
I’ve been using Scrivener for a couple years now and in that time I have never been able to understand Keywords, nor have I found a simple explanation of how you technically add them and when you add them. When you do add them, are they for the whole document or only a specific folder or text? Also, are they used to search, organize, or what?
I’ve looked in the forums, ‘Take Control of Scrivener’ and the program help file.
An explanation for dummies would be a great help to me, and I assume quite a few others.
Thanks in advance to whoever might help.

Any use? … scrivener/ … -keywords/

Yes. Extremely helpful. And many thanks…

Thanks Briar Kit for directing me to those two sites. I thought I applied the information correctly. But if I get a return on my search, it is for the uppermost level of my outline, with no listing of individual files. Basically saying the information I seek is in there somewhere. (I think that may be because I am totally unclear on how and where you drag and drop these keywords to make them searchable throughout the document)
So I guess I’m looking for Keywords basics for Dumb Dummies, because after many frustrating attempts, I cannot seem to get it to do what it was designed to do.

Have you gone through the Interactive Tutorial yet (from the Help menu, or the Getting Started section of the new project window)? You really should if you haven’t, but you’ll be interested in particular in section 5e, where the tutorial walks you through assigning and then searching for keywords.

Thank you AmberV