Keyword colours pants!

A minor gripe. When adding a new keyword to the floating Keyword Panel thingy all keywords are added in about four shades of blue and one of green. No biggie to manually fix later just thought worth reporting :slight_smile:

58 pages synopsiesed. I is done!


You can double-click on the color square to select whatever color you want.


I know dear :slight_smile: But why just random blues and a green. I suspect it has some soprt of random colour feature but it ain’t working. But as I said a 1/10 bug.


Or, it’s just the fabled Really Random Isn’t Random Enough argument. In a truly random system you might very well get 2,000 blue chips in a row. It would be odd, but random doesn’t mean variety. So sometimes a little forced lack of randomness can make a human feel as though the result is more random. :wink:

LOL yeah right. One of you is coming with me to Las Vegas next time I go. We will bet on 27 on roulette all night and come home millionaires :slight_smile:

Computers can’t do true random anyway; with any luck it’s just a case of changing the seed of the pseudo-random generator that picks the colours.

That’s true, though you can get pretty close (close enough that it is considered to be cryptographically secure) using an entropy pool, like /dev/random. That suffers from easy depletion when generating long keys (banging on the keyboard and moving the mouse helps), so /dev/urandom can, on supporting systems, help in providing a less secure but larger pool of bits by mixing in pseudo-random hashes.

If you really need random, you need hardware to do so, but it is possible. They usually use thermal or even quantum effects.

Eh, all a bit overboard for keyword colour swatches though!

With due respect… one of my favourite expressions.

There are excellent random number generators out there. They have been around since the 50s I should think.

If the colour pallet is divided into 64 or 128 shades I am getting about 6!

This is a bug. But a small one. The coding is picking colours all from the blue/black palette except for one green.

You cannot say that computers cannot do random cause of the seed number. Well you can but it does not really stand up.

This is almost certainly how the random number output is scaling onto the palette. I suspect something there is a palette of 256 colours or something like that and we are only using numbers 1-16. Anyhow whatever. Just I’ve a background in computer science so i don’t like blaming the computer when it is not the poor computer’s fault.



PS Robert Redford’s colour was set by me I think the rest are the originals.

To clarify, I have marked this as an issue; the keywords only choose from about five colors, as noted. I was just offering you a way around it for the present. Personally I always just recolor them anyway, to something meaningful to me, but certainly the colors generated by Scrivener are accidentally limited at present.

With, err, due respect, I never said otherwise; all I said was that hopefully the problem could be fixed by changing the seed. If not, then sure, change the generator, but if you can achieve the same with less mucking around, why bother?

Jennifer sorry I am fine. I will be colour coding them as and when necessary.

VJC sorry for misunderstanding. I have never used a pseudo random number generator that did not produce a decent set of randoms (at least for this sort of application). I am not sure what seed could be selected to produce this. If there are only six colours that explains the problem.

I might suggest the six colours be slightly more divergent.

Anyway I should not have responded perhaps.



Are there any web-enabled radio telescopes out there? A chunk of cosmic background noise would probably work pretty well, too.


Close! This website uses atmospheric noise gathered with radio antennas to generate random bits which can then be used in a variety of tools provided on the website. Everything from dice rolls to jazz scales to random calender dates. Lots of useful tools, even if you don’t need cryptographically strong random data.

No worries - it’s easy to misinterpret things said on a web forum. :slight_smile: