Keyword creation locks up scriv 2

I recently downloaded the NANO preview version of scrivener 2. I converted over a project from scrivener 1, newest version.

Everything worked great until i attempted to create a keyword. Lot’s of strangeness. For one, the place where you type the keyword name in the keyword panel wouldn’t close down. Just kept the blue box open for name entry even after closing and reopening the keyword panel.

Also, attempting to change the color turned the name from my keyword into a long ID string: NSImage 0x169cf360 Size={16, 16} Reps=(
NSCachedImageRep 0x169e4e80 Size={16, 16} ColorSpace=NSCalibratedRGBColorSpace BPS=8 Pixels=16x16 Alpha=YES
The exact string keeps changing as i click trying to change it. Once that string appears, that’s when the program won’t allow me to quit anymore and i need to reboot.

After reboot and restarting the program, the previously created keyword seems to be there and working normally, however new keywords have the same error.

(Also seems to happen in a new project so may not be directly connected to coversion.)

I’m using an Intel Macbook running v10.4.11


Sorry for the delay in my reply. Someone else reported this issue, too, but I can’t reproduce it. What happens if you create a new project and try to create keywords in the new project? Do you see the bug there, too, or only for updated projects?

Thanks and all the best,