Keyword export

I have been compiling a long list and need to export this.

It would be nice if it retained its nesting also

I think that would be an appropriate feature to have.

Sans nesting, you can select all keywords and drag them into a text window to create a comma-delineated list. Agree on import/export though; and another area of refinement could be drag and drop of keywords between project HUDs.

There has been (on the forum anyway) scarce comment on keywords. I think not too many people are “power keyworders.” I know I’m certainly not. But this might explain why some of these things have been left aside thus far.

I have done the drag and drop, but then you have to reformat based on the commas, and if you used a comma in the keyword, and it is a long list, then you have a tremendous amount of work.

Comma-delineated lists are very well supported by a number of applications. It is probably the most common form for transmitting lists and tabular data out there. Granted, it does have its weaknesses, but for a simple list of keywords it should suffice. What kind of reformatting do you require? Are you trying to turn it into a list of words with carriage returns? A simple search and replace should get you 99% there it sounds like. Since you used commas you’ll have to do a brief once-over to fix any errors.

Or, just searching for a comma and a return and replacing with a return should do the trick without any extra work…