Keyword Forced Capitalization

I’m running into an odd bug in Scrivener 2.7 for Mac OS X.

I created a keyword labeled “SET_Breighton” (tells me that the setting in this scene is the city of Breighton). Later, I wanted to create a keyword that’s labeled “Sergeant,” but Scrivener thinks that any time I want to type the letters “s” and “e” that I want them to be SE, so my keyword is now “SErgeant.” I know it works, but it draws my eye to it when I don’t want it to do so.

Is there a way to fix this?

BTW, if I try to go back and change the E by itself, it auto-corrects it to this.


You guys & gals are usually so quick to respond. Did I manage to hit a weird bug?

The main project keywords panel is where you’d make top-down fixes to typos, complete renames, or to globally delete keywords. Use the Project/Show Project Keywords menu command (or Shift-Cmd-K), double-click the “SErgeant” title, and fix the ‘e’, the press return to submit the change. You should see the keyword in the Inspector update immediately.


I take it there’s no setting in Scrivener to turn off that autocomplete of keywords?

There isn’t a preference for that, but it’s generally speaking not an invasive feature. If you don’t want “George” and want “Geo”, just hit delete and return, or keep typing until it’s not “george” any more.