Keyword H U D in Tutorial [FIXED]

When I first opened up the H U D in the tutorial, it was completely blank. I was able to figure out how to make keywords, even with the semi confusing direction to

(Though, that was probably just totally me).

So, I was going along all right, until I reached this paragraph:

I’m assuming that there was supposed to be a keyword entitled ‘Characters’ with some sibling and child keywords and it’s just missing. Anyway, I thought I would let you know.

Also, and I just discovered this while making this post, when you open up the ‘black keywords HUD’ and then you click onto another window (in this case, firefox), the HUD is still the top window and, when you click on it, it brings Scrivener up.

There should be sample keywords in the HUD for the tutorial. There were there a bit ago, but it looks like they got lost somewhere along the line, so thanks for bringing that to our attention! And yes, the confusing paragraph about the “Characters” is confusing because there should have been a Character keyword with some child keywords that you could take a look at.