Keyword Hub and spike in CPU usage

I’ve been noticing that with the keyword hub open my cpu usage spikes considerably, with Scrivner taking up @23% of usage when not the active app. With the hub closed, the usage goes back to normal, i.e. @less than 1% when not active. I like having the hub open all the time, but can’t do it when I’ve got a numbers of apps open.

I’m using a 17“ MBPro, 2.66Ghz, 4G Ram, running 10.6.3


I’ve never seen anything like that, some more information might help. Do all of your projects exhibit this, or is it just the one? Try making an empty new project with no keywords and see if it happens. How many keywords does the project have? Are you using Unicode (shouldn’t make a difference, but who knows)? Are any third-party applications running which monitor or adjust system behaviour, like BetterTouchTool or Zooom?