keyword Hub function

It would be helpful if the keyword hub had a button that would highlight in the active collection all the documents with the keyword you have selected in the hub.

simple example
you have arranged a large series of scenes in a collection in a particular order you are exploring and you quickly want to see the distribution of a certain character or a concept, amongst that collection, so that you have a sense of the rhythm of appearance or if you have any long gaps where they don’t appear.

or it could be a right mouse button click on the keyword in the hub that gave the option to highlight documents in the active collection with this key word

you could say keyword chips in the outliner provides something like this functionality, but when you have a lot of keywords this doesn’t work so well and when you just want to focus on one keyword and not try spot the color you are looking for amongst all the cork board cards on display the highlighting in a collection would be a blessing.

and I really love the search button in the keyword hub, but it pulls things out of context and again it would be wonderful to be able to see a result like this within context of a total collection

So close to getting this to work with the current app, frustrated that I just can’t get the last step.

I can select all the items in my current collection , display this as an outline, lock the outline in place, then do a keyword search and then when I select an item in that search it highlights it in the outliner list, but if I select multiple items in the search list it will not select multiple items in the outliner list, not sure how easy this is to implement but it would sure be a great feature.

Although it won’t be one single button you can click, there will be a much easier way of doing this right in the outliner, in the future.

Fantastic. looking forward to it.