Keyword HUD doesn't update Keyword pane [ADDRESSED]

  1. Open the keyword pane
  2. Open the keyword HUD
  3. Add a keyword through the keyword HUD
  4. Note that the keyword pane is not updated
  5. Add a keyword through the keyword pane
  6. Note that the keyword HUD is updated.

As an added bonus the words added in the Keyword HUD do not show through in the Keyword Pane even if you change documents (to clear/refresh the Keywords) or even close and reopen the application.

I was like, “Did it drop the HUD keywords?” Then I opened the Keyword HUD and they were still there – just still not in the Keyword Pane.

Ah, poop. I just finished reading the Keywords tutorial. I should have read that before I made this post.

The Keywords HUD are the keywords for the entire project, unlike the Keywords Pane which is just for the current document.

Ignore this post. I’m still figuring things out.