Keyword Hud remembers its Position?

Small refinement

As I have many notes notes and keywords, I’ve been keeping the HUD open a lot. Any chance you could make the HUD window remember its positon and size between sessions?


Do you mean the full screen Inspector deal? The main Keywords HUD stays in the same spot for me – I think.

No, not the full screen. For me, the regular HUD shrinks (height) and widens off into the lower right corner with every relaunch. As i transfer and process my gazillion notes I prefer to keep it full height and narrow on the right side of my 24".

Right you are! I guess I haven’t tried re-sizing it in ages. I wonder if it saves its position by remembering the lower right corner or something?

Clearly there’s some sort of rule/principle being applied but damned if I know what it is.

Dito, I’d love that feature. In Photoshop, it’s called “save workspace”.