Keyword HUD

Is there a way to use the Keyword HUD to do an “OR” search instead of an “AND” search?

Eg… I have the following keywords set to show when certain characters are either present in a scene, or mentioned in a scene:


I can hold down the button to select two or more keywords to search for, so if I select both “Dave_(present)” and “John_(present)” I can find all the scenes which contain both Dave and John.

But, is there a way to switch the search to an ‘OR’ search so that I’d see all the scenes which had at least one of the tags showing. Eg, if I selected “John_(present)” and “John_(mentioned)” then I could see all the incidents of John in my book, whether he is physically present, or just mentioned by others?

Not out of the box, but if you use the project search toolbar and set the scope to Keywords and operator to “Any Word” that will do an OR for you.

Perfect! Thanks!