Keyword Index

Since my first question was so well answered :smiley: I am hoping that my second wishlist item will also have a solution!

I love the keywords that can be added to items and that the colors can be added to the corkboard. I am currently trying to use keywords as the objectives of my document (since I am mainly using this for thesis type docs) and assign the keywords to the parts of my documents that cover this particular objective (which can occur multiple times throughout the document).

Each keyword can be searched upon, but I am missing an index-type solution that will show the keywords (similar to the keywords box) but then also lists each occurrence underneath it…

For Example:

Keyword 1
- doc1

  • doc3
    Keyword 2
    - doc1
  • doc2
  • doc6
    Keyword 3
    Keyword 4
    - none
    Keyword 5
    - doc7
    Keyword 6
  • doc1
  • doc5
    Keyword 7
  • none

Would this not be a good idea?


I’m not really sure how that would work, or how it would be more useful than searching by keyword for all but the minority of cases. I think it could also potentially be confusing, and it would need a good bit of interface to allow opening the docs that way - and of course, if Scrivener could do this by keyword, then why not by status, or label, or custom meta-data - it’s a can of worms! :slight_smile:

What you can do, however, is set up a saved search collection for each keyword you need to track in this way.

All the best,