Keyword layout/view

Is it possible to view all the keywords in use and then choose one or multiple keywords to see a list or articles they correspond to?

I tried searching if there was a topic created around this with no luck.

I appreciate your time and expertise.

As far as I know, the only way to view all of your keywords (used or not) is via the Project->Show Project Keywords window.

To search for all documents with a particular keyword, select it and click the search button in the corner of the keywords window (also referred to as the Keywords HUD).

The other way to search for keywords is to use the search field in the toolbar; Click on the magnifying glass icon there and select “Keywords” and any other options that will narrow things to your desired output. I think you can drag keywords from the keywords window to the search field, if that helps.

On searching multiple keywords, take a look at viewtopic.php?f=18&t=19076&hilit=keywords , which explains how to make keywords that won’t muddle your search with unexpected results.

One thing I noticed (please correct me if I’m wrong here) is that when selecting one or more keywords in the HUD and using the search button, the results are not narrowed to just the keywords. This probably matters very little if you use keywords like Matt(Present) and Matt(Mentioned). Still, you can simply narrow it manually to keywords, and that should persist through subsequent keyword searches.

Actually, no, when you search via the HUD, only keywords get searched (unless you hold down Option to turn to the “Search” button into “Search All”).

Other than that, though, Robert is entirely correct: the Keywords panel allows you to search for keywords in use.

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