Keyword lost its capacity to move some around...

I agree “It’s absolutely possible in the Keywords window: Project->Show Project Keywords. I just moved some around, dropped some on top of others to make them stack in a hierarchy;”
But in one moment lost this capacity and I have to close project.
When the program lost this capacity and I try to move keyword, this keyword is copied in binder or document opened.

Yes, I’ve experienced this phenomenon after an extended session. Inability to move items within a tree control, whether Project Keywords or the Binder; the moves don’t “stick.” Just as Firefox loses some efficiency and responsiveness after many tabs have been loaded and deleted. I don’t think of it as a bug in either case, just a signal to close down and reload the application to reclaim the unavailable resources.

Is there any particular sequence of events (other than a lengthy session) that leads to the keywords not being manipulable in the project keywords window?

No, When I spent more or less 10 minutes in scrivener, it begin this problem.

Happening in my session right now. Keywords only; document moves are not affected. Here’s the key to the problem, I suspect:

Any keyword I attempt to relocate is inserted into whatever pane the cursor is upon, beneath the Project Keywords control. The system responds as if the floating control were not there as an available destination.

So if Project Keywords happens to be floating above the Editor, and I attempt to relocate a keyword, that text will be inserted in the editor. If the control is floating over Document Keywords, the keyword becomes one. Or the text is appended to the Synopsis. Even the Binder responds with its ovals and lines, as if we were trying to relocate a document within it, although no document is created.

It’s most likely a state toggle of some sort, not a resource issue at all.

Rgds – Jerome

Ha, after all this time I’ve finally found what brings on this behavior. Full Screen Mode, which has a black toolbar icon similar at a glance to the one for the floating Keyword control.

Once you exit Full Screen via Escape, you’ve lost the ability to drag and drop items into, or within, the Keyword control. Any attempt to move items within the control will insert the corresponding text into the active document. Only solution, as far as I can tell, is to end the session.

A Joyous Christmas to all in Scrivener Land. :slight_smile:

Rgds – Jerome

Thanks! I was able to reproduce it and have it on the bug list. Happy holidays!