Keyword merge

Hi, I am very thankful with this wonderful software and appreciate with your efforts to improve it.

I must be sure that you read this wish list.


  1. There are a various keyword which has the same meaning in a project.
  2. I want to remove duplicated meaning keywords.
  3. But I still care about the situation after deleting the duplicated meaning keywords.
    3.1 For that the deleted one should be replaced with the existing keyword
    3.2 For that the deleted one should be replaced with a new keyword.
  4. the case 3.2 is already implemented in the recent scrivener. but the feature 3.1 has not been implemented yet.
  5. Therefore I suggest the keyword merging feature that when a keyword being used is deleted, scrivener asks the replacing keyword already exist.

ex) two keyword created have the same meaning.

  1. log
  2. logging
    I want to remove log. when I delete 1. log keyword, dialog window appears and asking which will be used for the keyword log which will be deleted. I selecting logging for that. and the two keyword is merged with one, logging.

This can already effectively be done by assigning everything with “log” to “logged” and then removing “log”. This is convenient to do: just search for “Log” from the keyword panel, select all of the search results, drag “Logged” onto the selected search results, and then use the panel to remove “Log”.