Keyword Questions, Search Issues

It appears that it is impossible to do a Keywords AND search. For example, for preparing a class I assign F’11_208, and Week 2, Week 3, etc. for student work each week. If I try to search for F’11_208 AND week 2 I get a ton of hits instead of just the Week 2 in that quarter.
I have looked at some discussion of AND searches returning OR in the forum but have not seen how to resolve this problem.

Searching for “Week 8 F10” returns many hits. For example a file with keyword “Class Presentation Week 6” and “208 F10”, or “208 F10” and “Week 4 F10”.

Related. It appears that you can’t have spaces in a keyword. If I write Week 2 as a single entry in the HUD a search in fact turns up all hits for Week and all for 2. It treats them as 2 separate keywords. Is that correct?

And AND search should be possible, but I suspect the problem you’re having is due to the fact of your second point, that keywords with spaces have each word recognized uniquely rather than as a group. So when you search for “Week 2” you’re getting everything with “Week” and “2”, thus presumably much more of your quarter than intended. (Since your lessons are all tagged “F’11_208” they’ll all have a “2” in them–the search isn’t “whole word” so a “2” anywhere in a keyword will be a match.)

Changing the keywords to be single words (either no spaces or using underscores or such) should fix this for you. You can change them quickly by adjusting the keywords in the Keyword HUD (Project>Show Project Keywords); changes made to a keyword there will update all instances of the keyword in your project. So if you change “Week 2” to “Week_2” and then do an “All words” search for “F’11_208 Week_2” you should get what you want.