Keyword Search Behaviour

I’m a little confused on how this is supposed to work.

Is the keyword search supposed to search for keywords only, or text in documents as well. At the moment the latter is occurring even when a change a character name keyword to Char: Jo from Jo.

If the latter is the intended behaviour I would argue that this confuses things and overlaps find and replace and the project search functionality.

Please could we have an option to search for keyword only as think would make it easier to search for a specific tag. In the future will it be possible to search meta data eg Status as well?

If this is a bug, please let me know and I will file a bug report.

Your initial assumption is how it should be working. If I create a test project with two documents and type the word “crank” into one document, and then add the keyword “crank” to the second document, only the second document should show up if you click the Search button from the HUD.

So if you’ve got a case where a keyword search is pulling up items with the same word you searched for, but not assigned as keywords, that does sound like a bug.

For manually searching, use the toolbar search tool as you normally would, and then click the magnifying glass. You’ll find a bunch of options for narrowing search down to specific types of data, such as meta-data, keywords, synopsis, and so on, as well as other options for how searching should be done.

Thanks Ioa for the search tips. I will file a bug report about keywords as it is highlighting text within documents and not just docs with keywords.