keyword search for 3.0 WinScriv

Hi - just found this article, and…

…neither idea there will work for Windows Scriv, as there isn’t regular expression search.

Granted that is something of a specialty item as far as users, but as the second suggestion shows it can be very useful even applied simply.

Since it’s an easy library add, hope regular expressions find their way to be in all relevant places, including keywords, in the Mac-matching new gen Windows Scrivener-to-come, thanks. And my niece who I’m giving to for her college days will thank you also…

And yes, I know you have enough to do :wink: – we are very grateful and happy you are doing it.

Best, out of the ages,

p.s nice if things like ^$ will work then, in both Mac and Windows search boxes - again, shouldn’t be a challenge, will hope…

Full feature parity with the Mac version is on the roadmap for WinScriv. I can’t give you a timeline or specific version, but this is definitely coming.


Glad to hear that validated once more, thanks.

The small thing I slipped in is apparently actually a slight upgrade on the Mac REs which would get replicated - that they work, as in the original case, with an ‘empty line’ or ‘blank field’ signature, ^$.

Can’t actually see why they wouldn’t, given REs are in there, so it’s probably just a small divot in how the query is presented to the package, no? Or even a slight entry error on the original posting, possible also.

Anyway, something for the hopper.

Thanks again,