Keyword Search from Full Screen Mode

Been using Scrivener for a week or so now, and though there is obviously a lot of room for growth, it is BY FAR the best word processing application I’ve used for my particular type of writing (novel and screenwriting). I have used Word, Pages, and most recently Mellel, which is a great general purpose application.

When in full screen mode, if you do a search from the keyword HUD, you are sent back to normal screen mode to see the search results, but unlike performing a keyword search from the HUD in normal mode, the keyword is not entered automatically into the toolbar’s search field, and so there is no (X) in the field in order to clear the search results and return to the binder’s folder view.

Again, Scrivener is great, and I’m proud to be a paying user! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for future versions.

Thanks for the bug report - confirmed. For now, you can get rid of the search by clicking on the close button at the bottom of the search list. However, the bug is a little worse than you report, I find on testing it - running a keyword search from full screen results in an empty search results list even when there should be results.

I’ll look into why this should be - I have it on the list to fix for 1.12 (the next free update).

Please see the About page on this point. Please don’t buy Scrivener for what you think it might become, only for what it is. As far as I am concerned, Scrivener is feature-complete right now and I intend to use it myself for a while, aside from fixing bugs!

Thanks again and all the best,

But that same ‘about’ page also says that all feature suggestions will be seriously considered and evaluated, so you’re accepting the fact that there may well be room for growth. Perhaps a ‘thanks for your purchase’ would have been more appropriate? Either way, I maintain my previous position that it’s a fantastic application.

Absolutely - all suggestions will be seriously considered. And any app can grow and improve, definitely. It’s really just meant to politely say: please don’t be offended if I say that I won’t implement this or that suggested feature, and just base your purchase on what is there now.

Incidentally, if you download the 1.12 beta from the Beta Testing forum, you should find that the bug you reported is fixed. (Betas of Scrivener are usually as stable as release versions - if not more so - as they are not usually experimental with core features; still, whether you want to download a beta is up to you! I would be grateful if you tested it and checked to see if this bug is fixed for you, though, even if you delete the beta after testing.)

All the best,