Keyword Search from Project Keywords Panel Fails

Bug Report for Windows Beta Version: Beta (1224521) 64-bit - 09 Mar 2021

Searching from the Project Keywords panel is working intermittently. If, having already completed a search via the panel’s magnifying glass, you subsequently select a document in the binder, then return to the panel and try to initiate a new search, the search term isn’t passed back to the project search box. Restarting Scrivener sorts this out, but rebuilding the Search Indexes doesn’t help.

I tested this, but it works as expected in my tests. Try to create a demo project (and upload it in this thread) with a video of your actions leading to the bug. This would be the best way to trace this further,

I tried to record a video, only to have Windows Video Capture die on me. However, I did clarify the issue. When the Search Results tab is selected, doing a keyword search from the Project Keywords panel visibly updates the project search box with the search term. When the Binder is displayed, this doesn’t happen, but the Search Results collection is correctly updated. Indeed, clicking on the Search Results tab populates the Project Search box with the search term retrospectively.

To be honest, I’m fairly sure the search itself was failing this morning. But I’m unable to reproduce it now. I’ll re-post if it happens again and I can get a video and test project together.

Windows Video. yech. OBS-studio is likely better for the purpose. Might also fail, but it’s an open sourced project, and you’re likely to actually get a response other than “reboot and try again.” Just sayin’. Good luck.

Thanks. OBS-Studio it will be next time. Windows Video Capture still failing after reboot :frowning: