Keyword Search: How to find documents that have no keyword

Hi, keyword search works fine, however, I haven’t figured out yet how to show in the search results only those documents that don’t have a keyword, i.e. what’s the code for “blank”?


AFAIK there’s no way to do this directly at this time. However, you may use a workaround:

First, enable View/ Corkboard Options/ Keyword Colors.

Then select an item on the binder and via the right click menu click on Open/ With All Subdocuments/ on Editor Corkboard.

This will show the index cards for all levels down on the corkboard, where keywords will be shown by their colour on each card. Those cards which have no colour will have no keyword.

I know it’s not perfect, but It may be of help. Best regards,

Thanks a bunch!

As you say, not perfect, but of help - much better than nothing :-]

Wishing you a wonderful time,