Keyword search quirks

  1. Keyword search is currently somewhat unintuitive. From the Keywords panel, we click on the magnifying lens icon, to open a list (“Search Keywords Only”, “Search All Content”, “Show Documents with No Keywords”), which has a bullet on one of the items, and it looks more like an already-selected preference than a prompt for a new action. If the bullet is already on the type of search I want, I have to re-click it, but a bullet is normally not a button, it doesn’t tell us it’s clickable for a new action. This menu for the search action shouldn’t have a bullet, I think. Such indication of the performed search type could be instead in the left panel alongside Search Results. In fact, currently Search Results or the search text box at the top doesn’t tell us what search type was performed, which is incoveninent when we have to shift our attention around the application and forget what exactly Search Results is showing. This information (the previously-performed search type) is not as much relevant when we do a new search, so it may be appropriately decoupled from the search button.

  2. Then, when we do click on the search button (one of the three items inside the magnifying lens) while Binder is open, currently it doesn’t change the view for us, we have to manually click Search Results. This doesn’t make sense. Searching for documents with a particular keyword means wanting to get a list of those documents as a new view; this change of view shouldn’t take an extra click after confirming the search.