Keyword search

In addition to Boolean AND searches using keywords, is there a way to search using OR? Is there a way to search using NOT?

Thank you.


OK, I thought I would try to sort this on my own. I think what I want cannot be done. A possible work around would be to search within an existing search collection, but it does not seem to be an option.

Any suggestions?

I also wish that the keyword hierarchy was not just cosmetic!!
E.g. If these are my keywords:

… Primates

I would like to be able to tag one document “Lions”, another one “Primates” – and have both turn up in a search on mammals.

(Ideally, the “big” and “little” labels would be different. One would be internally represented as Animals.Mammals.Cats.Domestic.big and the other as Animals.Fish.Tuna.big
I gather, however, that doing that would involve a major rewriting of how keywords are implemented and you all are unlikely to do that.)

An easier fix would be to have a Boolean “OR” search on keywords. I can manually select the whole subhierarchy (e.g. mammals and everything under it) and if I could use an OR search, it would bring up the documents tagged “Lions” and “Primates” .

This would be very useful for non-fiction writers who may start with a category like “Cats” and subsequently add subcategories.

I would be responsible for not double naming keywords

Thank you for confirming. I thought there might be a way to accomplish this but I exhausted ideas. Now I know.

I too use Scrivener for non-fiction and would like to see improvements with keywords. What you describe would be ideal, but I would settle for the ability to add options (especially not and or) to Boolean searches.


If you click the magnifying glass in the project search and set it to search in “Keyword” using the “Any Word” operator, wouldn’t that do what you’re looking for with the “OR”? So a search for “primate cat” would return documents tagged with either primate or cat or both.