Keyword sorting in HUD

I cannot seem to find a way to get the list of keywords in the HUD to sort. Is this possible? I use keyword prefixes:

() denotes a setting: “()Cafeteria, ()Hallways, ()Freak_Show”
– represents a plot thread: “–Missing_Artifact, --Pirate_Raids, --DNA_Stolen”

And other keywords represent Character names: “Hal_(present), Scarlett_(mentioned)”

Also, is there a keyboard shortcut to insert a new keyword in the HUD?

Thanks for looking!

The beta version of windows Scriv has a a-z sort button as the bottom of the Keywords HUD, which I don’t think is there in the formal release version (I don’t have a copy of that on my machine right now).

So, this will be coming to the next release version.

In the meantime, you have to resort to dragging and droipping them around to re-order, I’m afraid. This is what I use anyway, even in the beta, as I want mine in the order of, for example, character importance rather than alphabetical order.

There IS a keyboard shortcut to pull up the Keywords HUD (Ctrl+Shift+O), but not to add a new keyword I’m afraid.

Thanks pig…

I wish there was a shortcut that would let me add keywords to a document without using the HUD.