Keyword text gets dropped onto the index card

Maybe this isn’t a bug, but it was unexpected behavior. Normally, I edit the text on an index card in the synopsis window in the inspector. But if I have selected the index card for editing directly on the cork board, then if I drag and drop a keyword onto that index card, the text of the keyword is dropped into the card, when I was expecting the color strip of the keyword to appear on the righthand side of the index card.

To make sure I understand correctly:

  • In case you are referring to how a newer project does not work like an older one did, check the View ▸ Corkboard Options ▸ Show Keyword Colors toggle and make sure it is on (it is off by default).
  • On the other hand, if you are referring to the difference in behaviour between dropping a keyword into a text editing field, and dropping it onto a card, then: yes, that is intentional. That’s meant to be something you can do on purpose, as you might want to list the keywords in a context that can be exported or printed more easily, like the synopsis. You may note that the behaviour even changes when dragging multiple keywords. They will be printed as a comma-separated list.

If that second case is what you mean, just make sure to tap the Esc key before dropping a keyword onto the card.

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