Keywords and Comments Q

a) Do key words have to be ordered alphabetically ? Is there no option to order by drag’n drop ?

b) Is there a way of viewing all comments together, and review them one by one ?

  1. They are ordered alphabetically in the Project Keyword list, but each item’s keyword assignment list is custom ordered.

  2. Yes if you use linked comments: click on the group of files you wish to examine (either select them all individually, or click on their container, such as the Draft folder) and enter Scrivenings mode. It may take a moment to build that view if there is a lot of text. In the Footnotes & Comments pane you’ll have everything listed.

If you use inline annotations as well, you’ll need to use the File/Export/Comments & Annotations… menu command. This will create an RTF file with all comments and annotations printed, with optional section headings included.

I don’t understand that sorry. I am working on one project and I have about 45 items in Keywords (all character names) grouped one deep in five groups. They insist on alphabetical at both levels… is that what you mean ?

Ah … yes. I found what I was missing, the ‘n’ 'comments and footnotes button. Thanks. (don’t use annotations)

Another way to put it…
If you open Project->Project Keywords, that window will display all your keywords in alpha order.

If you look at a given file/folder’s keyword assignments (in the outline view or in the Inspector), those keywords assigned to the document are in whatever order you want them to be.

:unamused: I poorly worded my question and follow up, really sorry for that.

I was intending to query the way keywords are ordered in the black popup window that results from clicking on the top menu bar item “Keywords”. It appears from your replies, guys, that this is not changeable.

Yes. In the actual keywords section of the Inspector bar that corresponds with individual documents or folders, the keywords do appear in whatever order they are entered.


In an odd reversal, it turns out that the Windows version has an on/off checkbox for sorting the Project Keywords window.