Keywords and "find"...

I’ve read help (more than once), searched the FAQ’s & this forum but I still don’t get the difference between Keywords & Find.

Can anyone explain?

I keep thinking if I could figure out Keywords, it might be really valuable.

So far, I’m flunking & it’s really depressing… :frowning:


I’m not sure what you mean exactly - Keywords and Find are two entirely separate features. Keywords allow you to apply any keywords you define to any document in the project, whereas Find allows you to search for text. Could you explain a little more about what it is in particular you are confused over?


And if you are trying to find documents by keywords, take a look at the at the keyword HUD. From there you can select a keyword and click the search button to automatically gather all matching documents in search results. When you do this, note that it is merely automatically filling in the project search tool bar tool. You can also do this manually without the HUD. I’m not sure if that is what you are looking for, but if you are trying to combine “looking for” with “keywords” that’s the best way to do it.

Also keep in mind that keywords are attached to Binder items (documents, folders, images, etc), and not within the text itself. This is why the searching tools for keywords are located separated from the Find dialogue.

Thank you Keith & Amber.

I feel sub-moronic but here’s an example. I want to follow the arc of Sue and Bob’s relationship. They are people. There’s another relationship between Sue and Rover. Sue is a person, Rover is a dog. I also want to follow the arc of the Sue-Rover relationship.

Obviously doing a “find” for Sue, Bob & Rover won’t help. But how do I get a Keyword to differentiate between Sue & Bob relationship scenes versus Sue & Rover relationship scenes?

Wouldn’t using “Sue” as a Keyword just turn up all the Sue scenes regardless of whether or not they involve Bob or Rover and also a scene that just describes what Sue ate for dinner?

Sorry to be so clueless but I am lost, lost, lost. (Lost = my personal Keyword)

You can do simple Unions using the HUD. Actually you can type them in too, but it is easier to use the interface for this. Just select both of the elements you wish to see together, and click the search button. If you select Sue and Rover, you’ll not get anything with just Sue, or Sue and Bob. What you can’t say is “Not Bob”. In other words you can’t get everything with Sue except for scenes with Sue and Bob.

The light dawns! I didn’t realize you could search for TWO words. Duh. Color me embarassed.

Thank you, Amber. Thank you!