keywords and font list (two questions)

I am loving Scrivener, but I have two questions:

  1. is there a way to see the keywords assigned to a specific document in my project? I haven’t discovered a way yet, and have been plowing through both Scrivener help, and a secondary source book. I’m writing a day book with 365 entries, so have 365 documents in my project. I’m assigning keywords to every one (so I can find out how many entries relate to meditation, for example), but sometimes think I’ve assigned one incorrectly, and want to view the ones just assigned. Is there a way?

  2. request: because I have many fonts on my computer, it would be very helpful, if like Microsoft Word, the recently used fonts remained at the top of the font list so I could easily choose it again. Possible?

Many thanks. I have two manuscripts in Scrivener right now, and am about to import a third. I have no idea how I would organize the day book without this kind of program. Good job!

Regarding keywords, you can search for them using the Keyword option in the Search box at the top right. I use this a lot.

To see what the keywords assigned to any given document, click on the key-shaped icon in the footer of the inspector pane, and make sure you have the document in question selected in the editor.