Keywords and Metadata (Wish List)

It had been mentioned before that at this time there are no plans of adding keyword and custom metadata support to the iOS version, and yet I would like to express a deepest desire to have those… My chapters are folders, containing scenes, each scene’s metadata contains info about place, characters involved, time of the day, etc; and each scene if marked by a keyword, which is a name of POV character. I have several Collections which allow me to track each POV character’s narrative and it is a great tool for ensuring consistency of story delivery. When I need to start a new chapter, I just duplicate a blank one, containing pre-set blank scenes, with keywords already assigned, and carry on.
When I edit a chapter on iOS, the keywords and metadata are preserved, but when I duplicate a scene or a chapter, they do not carry over.
Adding those features (maybe in a distant future?) would make me (and I am sure, many other people) very happy. I would gladly pay extra for that upgrade.
Way more important than cosmetic niceties like “night mode”…


While of course I do not rule out anything for the distant future, there are certainly no plans to add these any time soon, sorry. Custom meta-data is definitely way out of scope. In the next desktop version of Scrivener, you will be able to create different kinds of meta-data (dates, pop-up buttons, checkboxes), and this would be very difficult to implement and use on iOS. Keywords would also be awkward to use on iOS.

The iOS version is not intended to reproduce all of the features of the desktop version. iOS is not as powerful as macOS or Windows, and its more simplified UI means that developers have to pick and choose what is included. Trying to add everything would make the iOS version very awkward to use.

All the best,

G’day KB,
I’m loving the iOS version – definitely worth it! :slight_smile:

The only downside for me is the lack of Keywords – after finally getting a system going that I can sustain (impressive for me), I am now having to rethink how (and even if) I use Keywords. I know that the iOS version isn’t meant to replace the computer version, but the way I use Keywords in some projects is closely linked to content creation. I’m feeling their absence keenly.

Would you mind sharing some of the reasons for their exclusion? Please know I don’t question your decision, it’s just that in my teeth gnashing, “if only I could access my keywords!” moments it would help to talk myself back from the edge with the calm voice* of reason.

[size=85]*I’ll take a grumpy & exasperated voice if calm is asking too much… :wink: [/size]

I don’t suppose your mind has changed about keywords on iOS since last year? :slight_smile:

Just adding my wishes for this feature in IOS. I just purchased a used Surface Pro specifically for using Scrivener (new Windows Beta) when I’m on the road. The custom metadata feature in the full version is a godsend in keeping my 36 characters and their interconnected plot arcs in order.