Keywords and references disappear on drag-drop

Dragging and dropping an item between projects loses any keywords or references to files/urls. I could understand losing internal links since scrivener doesn’t currently have a way to handle inter-project links, but I’m losing all my external links as well. :frowning:

In order to transfer references, I have to manually drag and drop each one. Interestingly, dragging internal references work, but these references seem to end up pointing at arbitrary items in the target project. :smiley:

(It’d be nice if there were a way to externally link to specific items in a Scrivener project anyway, such that I could have inter-project references, and have a way to open a project to a specific item from another program, such as my to-do list. But mainly, I’d just like the drag-drop between projects to not lose their external references and folder structure. And keeping the keywords would be nice, too.)

Thanks, I’ve made a note of this, as the keywords and external references should transfer correctly. The Scrivener links won’t survive the transfer, this is true, but since documents in your Scrivener file shouldn’t be edited outside of the project, this is really for the best. You can always reference the entire project, of course, so that the link will open that project and you can navigate then to the appropriate page, but trying to link to a specific document within it would cause that document to be opened in an outside editor, which could end up causing you problems if you tried to edit it. A better option here may be to export the document you want from Project A and then link to that from Project B–you should be able to regularly overwrite the exported document when you make changes in A, so you can keep it up to date, but if you do make edits in it when viewing it in the external editor, you won’t be editing the original document so you won’t cause any problems. (Of course you’ll need to copy the changes back into Project A if you meant to update that document.)

What I was saying about external links was I wanted to open the Scrivener project with its editor jumping to the target, not opening the file outside of Scrivener. That is, being able to use (e.g.) a command line like “Scrivener.exe myproj.scrivx 27” to open the project and jump to item 27. If that capability existed, then one could use registry entries to create a URL type that allows cross-project references.

Other programs I’ve used, such as MyLifeOrganized and ConnectedText, have this capability, so that I can use a link like ct://Ideas/Thingy and it’ll jump to the Thingy document inside my ConnectedText “Ideas” project. Basically there are registry entries saying to run ct.exe on URLs that start with ct:, and it then opens the right project and navigates to the file. A similar mechanism for Scrivener would let me link to specific targets from other programs outside of Scrivener.

Anyway, that’s not a big priority for me, relatively speaking, just on the “might be nice” list.

Actually, up on the “would definitely be nice” list would be to make it possible to have keywords, references, notes, etc. open in the side panel at the same time, instead of having to click back and forth constantly.

(Ideally, the side panel splits would be adjustable, so that I can resize the synopsis, metadata, etc., not just open and close them. Keyboard shortcuts to open and close 'em would be nice too… as would be the ability to create an internal reference by dragging an item from the binder. Right now, if you try to do that you end up linking a document to itself, instead of adding the link to the document you were on. That could probably be fixed by making navigation happen on mouse up instead of mouse down. Anyway, creating internal links with the drop-down menu thing is HELL right now - the menus are ALWAYS either too long or too deeply nested and prone to having the mouse fall off the whole thing, making you start over. Meanwhile, the item I want to link is RIGHT THERE in the binder, taunting me… :frowning: )

For now, just lock the editor (I think it’s Ctrl-Shift-L, but I’m not on my Windows computer right now so I can’t swear to it, but it’s under View>Editor>Lock in Place, and that will show you the shortcut; you can also access it by clicking the document icon in the editor header) so that it won’t switch when you click in the binder, and that will allow you to drag the reference to the inspector. If Lee can get it to work, then eventually it will be possible to drag the link without having to lock the document, but locking the editor is still much easier than trying to create a reference via the menu.

Shortcuts to open the different panels should also be coming; there will be an “Inspect” submenu under “View” which should offer all the different sections of the inspector along with shortcuts to access each of them directly.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. The menu makes an internal link, but dragging and dropping makes an external link to a temporary file, instead of making an internal link.

I think I’m having a similar problem. At some point while working on my project today, my project references (all external links) just vanished. Instead, what I’m seeing for project references are the document references for a specific document.

The only thing I can think of that I might have done to break it was to drag a couple of website URLs into the document references for that document (the ones that are now showing up as project references). This is very annoying, since I had several important project references that will take some time to track down and re-add. I tried closing and restarting Scrivener, but no luck.

Okay, this sounds like a “view stuck” bug which I’ve also seen with the Document and Project notes–just replicated it now with the references, so I think you’re safe. Although it says you’re viewing Project References, it’s really showing Document References. Try switching in the header to Document References and then switch back again to Project References–it should display them properly this time.

Nope. I’ve switched the header back and forth between document references and project references, multiple times, and the project references are not appearing.

And more arghh. I re-added a bunch of my project references a minute ago, then went to do other things in scrivener (importing some files), and now the project references are empty again!

Also, nothing shows in project references if I’m just looking at my draft folder – and there’s no document references option for it (so I don’t think it’s a case of it displaying the wrong thing).

Ouch, I see what you’re getting. I think it was the view bug, but apparently if you click around enough and don’t switch back immediately, it can wipe the slate. I’ve alerted Lee, but I’m afraid there’s not a way to rescue your original list unless you’ve got a backup of the project.

There may be other ways of getting this bug, but here’s how I’ve seen it happen:

  1. Click on a text document in the binder
  2. Change from document references to project references in the inspector
  3. Click on the Draft or Research folder
  4. Click on any text document–inspector has gone back to Document references
  5. Now, switch from Document references to Project references again–although it says “Project References”, it remains displaying the Document reference (or nothing, if the document had no references)

At this point, if you switch back to Doc Refs then switch again to Project Refs, Project References will appear correctly. Unfortunately, if you click somewhere else in the binder and then try to switch back, Project References remains displaying the other item’s Document references, which I think is what happened to you. :frowning: I’m terribly sorry.