Keywords and Scrivener for iPad


I did a Search to see if I could find the answer to a very simple question, but nothing came up, as far as I could see. (Forgive me, and please direct me accordingly, if there’s some glaringly obvious forum I’ve overlooked.)

I was wondering, without giving away any trade secrets, if in the forthcoming iPad version you managed to integrate Keywords? I saw somewhere – perhaps it was a blog – that Labels and Status are going to be there, but no one’s mentioned Keywords. I ask only because last year I discovered their utility and I now have hundreds of them cataloguing and cross-referencing between untold numbers of index cards . . .

Anyway, love Scrivener – always have, always will.


Hi Alex,

No, keywords won’t be making an appearance in the iPad version, at least not for version 1.0, sorry. We’re limited on how much interface we can add on iOS. You won’t lose any keywords you’ve assigned using the desktop version, though - they just won’t be visible or manipulable in the iOS version.

Thanks for the kind words!
All the best,

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Would it make sense to include a ‘metadata’ option in ‘Find Options’ for keywords, labels, status, …?