Keywords background

Having just installed v 3.2.2 the background for keywords is now plain, no lines. how do I change it to lines thank you.

I attach screenshot.

There is no setting that would add that back. Over the past few years, Apple and design in general has moved away from heavily marking rows in tables unless the table has enough columnar data to make reading each row difficult. The idea is to provide a cleaner look, with less pixel clutter, except where it really does aid the eye in reading the list.

Now what prompted us to more recently remove some of these lingering rows are changes in macOS 11, which caused alternating rows to become a distraction rather than a subtle visual aid. Instead of there being simple alternation in the background, there were rounded corners and extra padding. It just made the whole feel a lot busier than it needed to be. For myself, it was very unsettling. I can’t even use Finder in macOS 11, as that look makes me feel queasy.

Noted, thank you.

Is it possible to change the background colour for keywords? That would at least go someway towards making it easier on my eye.

I already use different colours for different keywords.

The only way you can do that is to set the software to dark mode, then it will use dark grey. That’s maybe not what you were thinking of though!

As you say. not what i was thinking.

Thank you anyway.