Keywords belonging to multiple categories

Hi I’m new to Scrivenver, so apologies if this has been answered before, but i couldn’t find it via searching.

My sister and I are looking to try my hand at writing a short novel. We’ve written some, but we were having difficulties keeping track of all the characters, locations, glossary stuff and so on. Hence Scrivener. It seems like it will help a lot and i’ve already structured it to a degree. Keywords are one of the main benefits at keeping track of things. HOwever I was wondering if i could get some assistence on getting more in depth?

Say for example I have a character name of Peter. I will use Peter as a keyword.
Now say Peter is the son of John and Michelle. If i click on either John or Michelle, I’d like Peter to be a ‘child’ keyword of both of them. And if I then click on Peter, to then have any children, spouses or siblings of his be part of his category or keyword.
If Peter lives in London, I’s also like him to be a keyword or part of the London category also.

Basically can keywords be both a ‘parent’ and a ‘child’? While being parent and child to multiple other keywords at the same time? As in I click on Peter, and then i can see what categories or keywords he belongs too, and at the same time see the ones that are related to him as well?

Is that possible? Am i making this more in depth than necessary, or is there a better way to structure and organise what i intend?