Keywords broken in

Just wrapped up teaching a Scrivener class over at Savvy Authors. One of my students spotted a problem in the latest Windows release. If you open the Keyword pane, you can no longer drag and drop keywords into the Keywords section of the inspector. That’s going to be an issues for a lot of the planners out there :slight_smile:

Thanks, we’re taking a look into the problem.

just upgraded from to the new version, and the new version is also broken.


Please re-download and install 1.6.1 from the website. Because the 1.6.2 numbering caused a problem with the special NaNoWriMo trial updating, we’ve rolled the 1.6.2 changes into a re-release of 1.6.1, which also includes the keyword drag and drop fix.

where is release download link?

is it the standard Scrivener installer link on the Windows page, just that the numbering is not provided?


– Luis

Sorry, yes, just download the regular installer from the website; the number should show in the infotip if you hover the mouse over it. Here’s a direct link.