Keywords - Color defaults

I create a lot of keywords within keyword groups. Here are some examples of my groups: Location, People, Ships, Events, Other, etc. Each of these groups have been given its own color. When I add a child to a group, I would like for the color of the child to default to the same color as the parent (group). Presently, I have to double click on the color for each new keyword child and then select the color to match the same color as the other children in the group. This is a bit tedious since I create a lot of keywords.

Others may not like the child color to default to the same color as the group, so it would be nice if the user were given an option to define Keyword Options for a project. “Keyword Options” could be accessed under View, similar to Corkboard Options and Outliner Columns options.

View -> Keyword Options ->
Set new color for each child keyword
Default color of child keyword to parent color
Sort (A to Z)
Sort (Z to A)

Existing Projects:
The default Keyboard Options should be set as the current method so that existing projects are not affected nor are users expected to do things different than what they are currently used to.
However, users should be allowed to convert a current project to one where all child keywords assume the color of the parent. This could be done by creating a pop-up menu on the Project Keyword screen so that when a user double clicks a parent’s color and makes a change, the user would be asked if all child keywords should be changed to the same color. If yes, then a message similar to “Would you like to update the child keyword colors of existing documents?”

Maybe perhaps a simpler approach, that would also benefit you as well as not requiring any accumulation of options and such, is to allow one to select multiple keywords at once and change the colour of them collectively?

I usually create a pair of keywords for each character, and prefer to at least start with the character’s keywords matching in color.

Ioa’s solution would relieve a lot of the tedium involved in making the keyword pair colors conform.

After getting hundreds of pages into my novel, I discovered the value of keywords (thanks to posts by pigfender and robertdguthrie). So I’m now creating dozens and dozens of them, and trying to group them so I can find them and use them. It’s frustrating that they see to be assigned random colors as I create them. Being able to select several and set the colors in bulk would be a great help.

Why not just double-click on the colour chip and change the colour as soon as you have created them? There’s no great mechanism for changing the colour of multiple items, especially with something like keywords where it’s unlikely (for most users at least) that you would want to use the same colour for multiple keywords.

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Hi, Keith – I can’t really disagree with your suggestion as a standard practice, and if I’d really thought through the whole keyword process, I could’ve come up with a color-coding plan as I created the keywords. But I’m figuring this out as I go along, and keep changing my color-scheme ideas; so it would be nice to do a bulk select-and-change-color. It’s clearly nowhere near as important as most (all?) of the other stuff you’re working on, and I won’t complain if it’s not on the schedule.

As for why I would want multiple keywords to have the same color – I’m doing things like coding all the minor characters who work at one company blue, all the minor characters who work at another company red. And then color-coding the family members of my main characters with matching colors. And grouping most locations under one color.

Again, going through and changing them individually is not the end of the world. But when I was searching the forum for advice on using keywords, and found that someone else had already suggested a bulk-select-and-change, I thought I’d chime in.

  • Ken