Keywords don't alphabetize

I believe the floating Keywords panel is supposed to keep the keywords in alphabetical order. But it doesn’t. It just seems to retain whatever order I place them in.

And on the keywords subject, is there any way to turn off the random colorization of the keywords? Since they don’t match the colors of my labels (which I use for POV) or collections, the keyword colors just create a confusing patchwork.

I’m using 1.0.3 on XP SP2

We just had the alphabetical point for the project keyword list come up and so I’ve added it to the list for a future update. The keywords in the inspector will always stay in the order you add then (or rearrange them), however, since the ordering here may be significant for the user–putting an item near the top may prioritize it (and in cases like the corkboard where you may select to only view three out of however many keywords, placement at the top of the list will be important).

There’s on way to turn off the colors, although you can customize the colors to anything you want by double-clicking the color swatch in the project keyword list.

Thanks, Jennifer,

Yes, I was referring to the project keyword list, the list of all the keywords which shows up on the floating panel. I understand that the list in the inspector, the keywords for the current document, will remain as I order them.