Keywords drag and drop broken


I cannot drag and drop keywords from the Project keywords window and the document’s inspector keywords panel. I closed and reopened my project, or opened a different project with the same results : keywords don’t drag and drop. I can only create or delete keyword either in the Project keyword window or in the Inspector.

I don’t know what sequence of operations produced this bug. I saw on a previous post in this forum that an issue can occur after a fullscreen session. I performed a fullscreen session.

My scrivener version : 1.6.2
Windows 7

This bug was addressed as part of a hotfix, so you can resolve the problem by downloading and installing the current version from the website, here: Although the version number for this new version is 1.6.1, it is from Oct 31 and slightly newer than the 1.6.2 version you have installed–there was a versioning numbering problem related to the special NaNoWriMo trial that was out at that time which necessitated adjusting the number back to 1.6.1 and going by the date, so I apologise for the confusion there.

You should be able to just install directly over the version you already have installed, so long as Scrivener isn’t running, but if you prefer to do a clean uninstall and reinstall, you can save your program settings before uninstalling by going to Tools > Options… and choosing “Save Preferences” from the Manage menu button. After the uninstall/reinstall process, just return there to load the saved preference file. Uninstalling will not affect your projects, which are saved externally to the program (in your Documents folder by default, though you may have chosen another location when creating the project).

Thanks for the answer. I installed 1.6.1 over 1.6.2 and it works.