Keywords Dragged into Editor Keep Their Colors?

What it says on the can. I’d love to be able to drag a character’s name, location, item, etc from the Metadata/Keywords Pane in the Inspector and it retain the coloring it has in the Inspector Panel as I have about a dozen characters at the moment coded to faction allegiance that would be useful to be able to track within the Editor.

Am I missing something obvious here?

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Suggest add keyword icon to toolbar if going to use a lot to give quick access. remember when open keyword panel, any keyword (or nested entry) can have color changed to any value or family shade of colors you decide, like a group of blues for one faction and reds for another in various shades.
for the corkboard View>Corkboard Options> Label Colors and Keyboard colors can be displayed on each card with multiple keyword color chips per card.
In Outliner View>Outliner Options > Keywords as color chips (have to look lots of options in outliner but is there) Once do this will see color chips and if hover mouse over chip will see chip value(label) if forget color scheme.
Hopefully this is what you are looking for.

The main issue I can see with this is that a large percentage of the colours one might use for Keywords (particularly the default auto-generated colours) would be too light to read, which would mean having to shift the colour to make it legible. That’s something that we have code to do already (for example, when converting Comments to inline annotations, where bright yellow would be impossible to read, it turns brown as an inline annotation in the editor), so it wouldn’t require a lot of work to make that happen—the question is whether one would want that to happen, since in most cases the colours would all shift. Would that damage the association you’d want from such a capability?

Not sure what you mean keywords are in project font and color, the color chips would only be issue based on theme for project hiding certain colors, otherwise color chips in corboard or outliner having nothing to do with the font.

Sorry if I accidentally responded to you specifically. I meant that comment for the original request, which states wanting to drag keywords into the editor and have the assigned keyword colour retained in the text—presumably as a font colour (or as a highlight, but my concerns would be applicable there as well as keyword colours may be too dark to serve as a highlight—and so the same problem as going from inline annotations to comments, when converting).

I work primarily in dark mode these days so that’s an issue I hadn’t considered.

Darkening the color wouldn’t necessarily be a dealbreaker, but might take some tweaking on the color palette as I use various shades of green for allies in different organizations, and shades of red for varying levels of hostility for example.

Perhaps have Keywords dragged from the Inspector Pane be in a bubble a la inline annotations, color inverted to theme or font color?

Scrivener doesn’t support scripts, does it?

Perhaps have Keywords dragged from the Inspector Pane be in a bubble a la inline annotations, color inverted to theme or font color?

Something more stylistic like this would probably be the best approach, but there isn’t any mechanism for that at the moment—to essentially have text marked as a keyword (i.e. using bubble or special highlighting without actually being any of the things that use those like actual annotations).

It’s not a bad idea though, so I’ve jotted it all down in case an elegant solution arrives, and it is agreed it would be a good addition.