Keywords function

Hi all

I would like to use keywords to label my notes and imported items. I have a tab-delimited list (and spreadsheet) of about 400 keywords I’d like to assign to my project.

How can I import them into the keywords list, other than copy and paste one by one?

Is there a delimiter ( comma or slash or ? ) I can insert at the end of each keyword, so that when I drag and drop a list, it will separate into keywords?

Thanks! Richard

There’s no way of doing this in the current version, I’m afraid. The next update will let you do this, though (with a newline between each keyword).

Thanks Keith!

Is the next version the current beta?

Take care, Richard


The “next release” Keith refers to will be version 1.5, and won’t be available until early next year.


I’m afraid not. Or rather, the current beta was a very early version of it, and the keywords thing isn’t in there. The next update has become a lot bigger, and I don’t expect to deliver it until the first quarter of 2009…

Thank you for the news…I thought Scrivener was perfect up until now :slight_smile:
Thanks again, Richard